[Solved] Can't add another Google Classroom Asignment

First, I love this site. My band students are also loving this site. I have had more participation using Classcraft than I ever did with just google classroom. 

That being said, I have created two google assignments so far and when i tried to create my 3rd one, It will not let me click the "Google Assignment" tab when creating my next part of the quest chain. If I do not have a title, it tells me to add one when I click, but as soon as I add the title back in, I click and nothing happens. 

Any help is appreciated!

Hi Joey,

My colleague seems to have been able to help you through an email exchange and your case seems to be resolved.

In the future, if you need assistance with anything Classcraft related, do not hesitate, write at support@classcraft.com and our support team will be more than happy to help you!

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