Suggestions on Messaging, Powers, Student Analytics

Hello CC Lovers,

After 2 semesters with CC, I've come to believe that some improvements / changes would be very useful for both students and teachers. I'm sorry if these have already been brought up somewhere.


1. I wish students could see the summary / report / analysis of what they achieve and lose from the beginning till the end. In other words, it would function  as the counterpart of the teacher "analytics" section. It would be a great chance for students to reflect on their performance and experiences in & out of the classroom. 

2. It'd be great to be able to send messages to the students and teams I select only. It'd save me send the same message to specific students multiple times.

3. The feedback I collected this year shows that students tend to like Kahoot or similar apps because they offer detailed reports of quizzes. The real benefit behind these gamified applications is that teachers can provide feedback on the target language. Is it any possible that Boss Battles can provide class feedback, too?

4. Most importantly, Classcraft needs an integrated badge system immediately. It must be integrated, not an extension (I refer to LRNG). There is no need to say that badges are the important part of gamified systems and I'm sure - like many other would agree - they'd take CC a level higher.

Well, that's it for now. Thank you.



Wow Bora, thank you very much for the incredible feedback!

Our team is currently working on a few of your suggestions and I added the rest to our feature request platform to give them some exposure :)

Thanks again for the great ideas and feel free to share any other feedback you may have either directly at or on these forums.


Any update on the ability to send messages to an entire Team at once? Or select multiple students (with checkboxes) to send the same message?

Hi Suzannah!

We are not currently working on this feature but I will add your vote to the feature platform right away!

Have a good day!

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