Character Art Contest!!

Greetings fellow Gamemasters!

   There have been several posts about new armor, futuristic armor, steampunk, and just more of it in general.  The Devs have said they would not say no to any artwork that was submitted as suggestions and a wonderful idea hit me.

  Let's tap into all that talent around the world and have an art contest where students and teachers can submit their ideas for new armor.

  *This would be just for fun and the only reward would be that you won.*

  But the winner can claim they won an international art contest and everyone who enters has at least a small chance their art might get used in a future armor set :-)

Rules of the contest:

  1. Must be school appropriate (meaning no skimpy clothes, no blood, etc)
  2. Must be an original art piece (otherwise the Devs wouldn't be able to use it) but can be teacher or student who creates it.
  3. Must show the entire character (meaning we need to see the boots and head piece of this awesome armor you created)
  4. Only art one piece per comment/post (that way we know which one the classes/teachers are voting for).
  5. All art must be submitted between January 1st, 2019 and May 30, 2019.  

How to Submit:

Teachers will submit the artwork here in this thread as a comment listing the following things:

  1. The picture
  2. Theme (ie fantasy, futuristic, steampunk, etc)
  3. Class (Warrior, Mage, Demolitionist, Mechanic, Survivalist, or whatever you come up with)
  4. Artist Handle

I will post a sample submission for clarity.

How to Vote:

   The Classcraft forum allows you to upvote any comment that is made in a forum.  It appears next to each comment in the top left corner as a < 0 > and changes to a < 1 > when you upvote a comment by clicking on the up arrow.  Everyone can see how many times a comment has been upvoted.

This is how you and your class, if you want to show them the pictures and allow them to participate, will vote for the artwork you think should win.  The forum allows you to change your vote (meaning if you like another one better you can press the down arrow and it will change it back to zero).  You can vote for as many art pieces as you would like.  

  On May 30th we will declare the winner by whomever has the most upvotes on their comment.

   I plan to get my whole school involved in this to tap into all the talent that is out there.  They don't have to be currently playing to be able to participate. 

    The teachers of the students that are not in my class can create a free CC account and that would allow them to vote even if they don't use classcraft.  This will create awareness of CC, engage their students in a productive use of their talents, and should be loads of fun.   And if any of the art gets used, everyone wins ;-)

Good luck, and let's see some of that amazing talent out there!  

                                       EXAMPLE SUBMISSION POST

Theme: Fantasy

Class: Healer

Artist Handle:  Classcraft Developers

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