Suggestions from my class

First off I would like to say that my students LOVE Classcraft! I teach 5th grade science, and Classcraft has changed the dynamics of my classroom greatly. Students look forward to coming into my class and seeing what adventure or quests that they can go through. We have used it for almost 4 months now, and have came up with several ideas that are listed below.

1. Let teachers create a character, that can in turn, be a boss battle character. That way the students get to battle the teacher. This would also give the teacher a bigger presence in the game other than just being an icon that the students look at.

2. Have items ( armor / shields / weapons ) that have stats / and do different things, and are different item quality. (Rare, epic, legendary, common, etc) . For example: a sword that would heal the entire team to full hp.  A shield that projects a barrier around 2 people to block all incoming damage. A staff that allows the mage to do double damage. Also have armor and weapons with durability, that way they have having to manage those items and those items now have meaning to the students.

3. Allow boss battles to be put into quest lines, so that students can battle certain bosses at the end of quests without having to go to class tools to do the battle.

4. Make a easier way to copy a quest chain to multiple classes. For example I want to copy a quest and apply it to all classes that the teacher creates, rather than having to do it individually each time I want to copy one.

5. A way for the teacher to turn off messages for a certain class if I need to, or turn off messaging for certain students.

6. A battle arena, where students can battle other students / teachers. It will be content based game / questions. 

7. Mounts for the Game. ( flying or Riding ) Certain Mounts allow access to special quests that the teacher / game master creates. That are awarded with special items.

8. As students level up, increase their stats thus making their character stronger. ( increase HP, AP, Damage, etc) Cost of skills and abilities also increase base on level.

9. Introduce a Battle Royal Mode, where the class/ students has to answer content based questions, the one who answers the most within a time frame, will progress to the next circle/area. 

10. Pets lvl up and change the look of the pet. Pets also can come to your aid in boss battles giving the student certain abilities to help the player.

These are a few that my students and I have came up with. 


C. Bishop