[Solved] Lost account

I have a student who was working on my class assignment when he sent me a note, his account reverted to the one I archived for him.  He was knocked out of all his current classes. This happened at 10:39 PT. Can you restore this?  He was at level 3!

Hi Valerie,

I have created an email exchange out of this post since I might need more information in order to help you resolve this situation.

However, what probably happened is that your student archived his current avatar and unarchived his old one if the class this previous avatar was part of was not archived. I would suggest consulting your student's account with him to unarchive the character he was using this year, here are the steps to follow in order to unarchive an avatar: 

If students were accidentally removed from their class, they can access their Hall of Heroes via their student account and click the “Unarchive” button to bring back their character. This way, they can continue earning points and leveling up with that character. Again, students can only have one active character at any given time.

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