Little time to use classcraft

I have very little time to use for any kind of behavior managment program. How do you use this in a classroom that cannot devote much time to playing the game?

Hi Christine, 

Great question and I feel that other teachers would be the best to answer this by sharing how they optimize their use of Classcraft. 

We have collected some examples from teachers:

  • Use random events at the beginning or end of the class to avoid disrupting the flow of class.
  • Use the mobile app on Android or iOS to keep track of points throughout the day or use the Chrome extension to easily manage points from any tab.

  • If you can’t use the mobile app, keep track of points and powers throughout the day on a spreadsheet or in a notebook. Tally the results at the end of the day or at the beginning of the next class if you want students to witness changes in the Experience Points (XP) and Health Points (HP). If you do this, make sure to let students know when you’re giving or removing points and why so that they still get feedback.

  • Ask students to use the powers that have no direct impact in class (healing, regenerating AP) on their own time and handle only powers that have a direct consequence (opening a window, switching places, bringing a cheat sheet to an exam, etc.) during class or that need to be used by the teacher (eg., Protect).

  • Deal with damage and powers at the beginning of your class.

To keep track of points during class, you can also select a student who will act as the interim Gamemaster (sometimes called the “Hand of the King”) and use your account to give XP to the students who earned it. Even though you can track points through the game feed or Analytics, make sure to select a trustworthy student and to let them know that it’s a privilege. You can choose a different student each day or a student who is particularly good at multitasking to be the Hand of the King for a longer period.

This will free up time for you and also make students feel more involved in the game. You can create a HP preset in case students act out while being Hand of the King.

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