Suggestion - Non-Linear Level Up

Most games that students play have progressive leveling whereby the level ups are easy to achieve at lower levels and much harder to achieve later on.  It's used as a hook to allow players to experience early success before grinding for bigger rewards later in the game.  I simulate this by having a random event that causes the level up cap to increase throughout the year, but doing it this way disadvantages students at lower levels who need to earn markedly more XP than their class mates had to to achieve the lower levels.

Ideally, being able to embed this into the rules at the start of the game would be a really helpful feature.  For instance, having the threshold for achieving level 1 as 200XP, but then having 2000 XP needed to to progress from Level 9 through to Level 10.

I agree with this completely and think it is an excellent idea! Each new level, the amount needed to level should automatically increase by a percentage. So it's harder to keep leveling up and you don't have such large gaps between different student's levels.

I also agree. Ideally you'd present an option in the class settings "Increase required XP by x% per level". 

I would love to see something like this added as well!  It would also be beneficial to students who are added to the class mid-way through the year.

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to step in and let you know that we have been toying with different ways to implement such a feature and it is still on our radar for new features that teachers really want us to add to Classcraft. I have added your voices to our feature request platform to ensure that this implementation is even higher on our list of priorities!

Happy Classcrafting!

The second option is fairly easily achieved by having an opening task worth 1500 XP.  Something that you NEED the kids to do at the beginning of the year, like setting up a google account or something.

Ye - for "new joiners" I decided to just give them a "welcome bonus" to push them slightly below the others. This way the kids don't feel "cheated" because he's still "worse off" then they are, but he still has a fighting chance.

I would love to see the threshold for leveling up increase as the levels increase! I'm glad Classcraft is looking into this.

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