[Solved] How to take away XP?

 My students are receiving a pizza party monthly if they earn 5000 XPs for each month. Last month, 3 students didn't make the goal and weren't invited to the party. Last Friday when the students left my room, they had no higher than 6050 XPs. By the afternoon, they had 14,000 to 15,000 and were all saying they made the pizza party. I suspect they got a hold of my teacher partner's computer in his room and helped themselves. Is there a way to set the XPs back to where they were before last Friday afternoon? Thank you in advance for any help you can give me!

You can undo XP with the +/- button. You would have to type "-5000" (or whatever value you want) into XP.

One thing I will add though is make sure that it reflects those scores in the actual game on YOUR screen. Students of all ages learn from each other how to edit the "page source" and make it appear any way they want on their screens (they can swap text, pictures, etc). This looks one way on their devices, but it would not actually affect the values in the game's database.

Thank you, Sam.  I wanted to make removing XP a sentence, and I tried what you suggested.  However, when I press the "-" symbol or "+" symbol, nothing happens.  In other words, nothing but the numbers show up in the box, and I end up just adding more XP instead of taking some away.

Nevermind, Sam.  When I pressed the +/- symbol from the whole class screen instead of the individual student screen, the "-" symbol typed into the box.  Problem solved!

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