Quests and Google Docs

I created a simple quest to try out the assignments feature. When writing my story and assigning the task, I attached some Google documents. It would appear that when I do it that way, each student gains access to the same document. I'm assuming View privileges only? 

Is there a way that one could create a copy of that document for each student, similar to Google Classroom? Or is that best done through the Assignments tab, and have the students create their own document and attach it? 

If you notice, the link for any Google Doc as the word "edit" at the end. If you keep the same exact link, but change the word "edit" to "copy", Google will force students to create a copy before editing it. Hope this helps!!

Is there a way to flag the assignments within Google to let students know the assignment is part of a quest?  Also if the assignment is part of a folder, the whole folder uploads to Classcraft task, where I would like to split those assignments up across the quest.  Any suggestions?

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