Dealing with Batch Damage

Hello all,

I am having a really tough time dealing with batch damage situations from damaging events like grade input, random events, applying missing homework penalties to more than one student, etc. The problem is that some of the teams want to let their teammates take the damage so that they can move forward to other damages, while some want to heal their players but are waiting for AP to do so (from a possible random event or the like). However, there is no way to apply the damage to individuals under this system—it must be applied to everyone in the batch.

I've considered doing more individual-style damage, but when it comes to things like inputting grades through Tavuros, it is just too time consuming to input them one at a time when I can simply paste them in from an Excel doc or directly through Google Classroom, and in random events, there is no choice.

Any suggestions? I would like to see batch damage just disappear in place of individualized damage even when applied to multiple people at once, but that is up to the CC gods in Canada.

Hey, Eric! 

Thanks for sharing this! I'm sending it up the chain for their consideration! 


Can you add to that that if there is something pending ahead of them in the cue they can't protect or use mana shield until the damage ahead of them (in the groups it's often alphabetical) is applied.  Makes it frustrating for those who want to use their powers but have to wait until the person ahead of them has the damage applied. :-)  Just a nice to have feature for some day :-) The mass damage allows them to do this but when it's a list of different things to individuals they can't do anything until the person ahead of them has the damage applied.

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