New Quest Maps?

I just imported some content to a quiz and the map it randomly assigned is this cool floating island.  How can I pick that image when designing a quest?

Is this a sign that new maps are just around the corner?  If so could I request again that just a simple image of the ocean be included?  A lot of the overland map is water, and I need to make use of it.  (I have a LOT of quests, and a lot to go.)

Hi Jared, 

Thanks for taking the time to share this nice suggestion with us! I have taken note of it and will be sharing it with the team for their consideration. :)


I am still getting a quest map when I import that I can't pick on the map selection screen.

I can't change the name of the quest without changing the map, so if I want to keep that cool map, I have to keep the name...

I want to repeat my request to let us import our own images for maps.  Not being able to stifles our creativity.

Example: I want to make a 'map' this is actually the parts of a microscope and teach each one as a task.  This is not a standard map that would ever be created in CC, but would be a valuable lesson.  I could come up with examples like this until the cows come home.  

From a legal perspective, there is no reason to keep us from doing it (we are already responsible for all the images we include in tasks/etc.)

From a coding perspective, you may have to enforce restrictions on image type/size/colour depth/etc. to implement easily, but I would be fine with that.  It is still giving an option, even if it is more work.

 (And sorry if this sounds like complaining - it isn't - I am just super excited about the possibilities this one additional option would provide.)

Hi Jared,

We do have really incredible features concerning the maps coming up but we are not yet ready to reveal them.

As for the possibility to add your own maps to the game, I will add one more vote to the our feature request platform. Our engineers prioritize the development of feature requests with the most votes as our development team is limited; hopefully they choose the addition of new maps soon :)

I've been wishing for maps with other types of biomes, such as desert, rainforest, or grassland. I teach geography & history, and the quests I am writing this year are specific to the geography of a place. I just do the best I can with the maps that are available, but it would be more fun if some of the maps matched what my storylines described a bit better. I love the Classcraft art style, so my preference would be that you add other biomes. I could make use of a feature to upload our own maps, if that makes more sense to the development team.

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