Changing On Time Reward

I'm not sure if it is a glitch or if I am doing something wrong, but if I can't change my "on time" student reward.  I select the "gear" to edit the task.  Click in the boxes to and change the numbers but then nothing saves.  If I change the date it saves, but the on time student reward just  won't save/change.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hi Jade!

Thanks for sharing this question with the forums! I just tested this one on my end, and it seems to be working ok. 

I feel like we might be better able to help you in a one-on-one conversation. I have created a support ticket out of this post, so you should expect to get an email from us soon!

Looking forward to helping out!

I thought I had this same problem until I realized that Classcraft is pulling my due date from Google Classroom.  Just change your date in Google and Classcraft will change as well.

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