[Solved] How to reset a quest?

 How do I reset a quest objective if a student accidentally submits an assignment before typing in the text box? 

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the great question! You can reset a Quest Objective assignment by unsubmitting the student's work.

To do that, click on the "Feedback" button next in the "Overview" tab within a Quest Objective to view a student's assignment. You’ll see when it was submitted as well as any text provided in the text box. You can then select “Unsubmit” in order to allow a student to submit work again.

Hope this helps!

What about when we do this with self-paced progress?

Does this take back the rewards they got by claiming it?

I think I may have messed up some student accounts, as it doesn't seem to have corrected their XP and GP.

The system should automatically remove any rewards if completion is unchecked.

And, how can I see who has completed a 'quest end' task.  The list doesn't seem to show up like normal tasks...

Hello Jared, 

Thanks for the great questions. The way the system works right now is that once the points are awarded, they will not be rolled-back, even if the work was "un-submitted". This also makes it so that when the student does eventually get the work approved and moves on to the next objective, that they do not get the reward again. 

As for the "Quest End Objective", this is not actually a Quest task and so there's nothing to "complete", as opposed to an ordinary Quest Objective Task. To have a good idea of who has reached the end of your Quest, I would maybe suggest having a look at the last Quest Objective with a task, just before that Quest End Objective.

I hope this helps make things a little clearer! :) 

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