ESL Quest

Hi guys,

I have been using classcraft for one year now... but without quests.

I would love to try one with my students, but it seems so complicated to build one. I don't know how to start... I would like to see an example of what can be done with my subject.

I teach English as second language.

Has anyone got a quest I could try, maybe for verb tenses revision... or vocabulary...? By the way, we do not have google classroom.

Thanks for your help ;)

Try this one:


I teach English in year 5 and 6 as a second language too. It's not finished, but you can have a look at the type of activities I suggested them.



Thanks, Carlos. I'll give this a try. 

I teach ESOL and our county adopted the Summit program. I created some quests to guide students through that specifically so they may not be very useful to the public.

Hi guys & gals! It's my first year using Classcraft and I teach ESL as well, and I'd like to use Quests... and I don't get what it is nor how to use it or why to use it. Can someone help me?

Thanks :-)

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