[Solved] Second Year with Same Students

I set up my class today with the same students I had last year and them using the same login information since we are connected to Google and Google Classroom. I was under the impression that they would get fresh characters with no pets or outfits. When we set up the characters, they had all of the pets they had already trained last year. If they were a different character type they had their old pets and new ones to train, but if they were the same type they couldn't train their pets anymore. Is this something new? Is this something I can easily change? Do I need to reset the characters and give them codes instead of connecting it to Google Classroom?

When I discussed this with someone from Classcraft on a conference call they said the benefit would be choosing a different class.  They could still have their old pets from the other class they chose, but could then train new ones for their new class.  I'm guessing that since they stayed the same class and that their pets are fully trained there is no need to retrain them.

Hello Marshelle and Jeff!


This is correct -- once a pet is fully trained, it will always be available to the student's account. She or he will always be able to equip it, no matter what Classcraft Character they are using, going forward.

Hope this helps make things clearer! :)

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