[Solved] Wheel of Destiny Reset?

Does the Wheel reset for every Boss Battle, or does it work for the entire program?  I'd like it to work for the whole application, ie: a student could be called on using the Wheel itself, and then not be called on during a Boss Battle until everyone else had been called.  Today during class I had one student called on three times (once using the Wheel itself, once during a Battle, and again during a second Battle), and many other students were not called on at all.  Since I use the Wheel each day, and Boss Battles frequently, I want everyone to be called on for something before anyone is called on twice.

Thank you!

Hi Stephanie, 

Thanks for this awesome question! It was a little technical. so I reached out to our Dev Team for some help!

The Boss Battles, Wheel of Destiny and Random events each have their own separate randomness systems and an entirely separate "pool" of students to chose from. Seeing that is the same student was selected three times in a row is very rare, but not impossible! It will especially depend on the size of your class. 

What I can do, is submit a feature request for the team's consideration to have the option to turn on one shared randomness system, with only one "pool" of students, that can be easily reset!

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