New Roles Suggestion

My students and I will brainstorm at the end of each semester on how I can be a better teacher, and we usually drift to Classcraft since it plays such a dominant role in their memories of my class. One of the things we brainstorm that I can't change (I mean, I can get rid of powers they never used and such, but...) is the amount of roles they can choose. So some others they suggested were:

- The Rogue (purpose: to sabotage players outside of their group.)

- The Ranger (purpose: powers with longer effects)


What do you guys think? Do you have any other suggestions?

I agree with you Tiffany. I've been using Classcraft for about 10 weeks; my kids love it! But I think the game needs more ways to customise abilities (passive and active abilities) and my class would benefit from having an in-game shop.

Hey, Tiffany and James!

Thanks for sharing these ideas with us! :)

I'd be happy to share them with the team!

I don't know that more classes is the answer to more customization...

but if it is, we need Bards whose purpose is to benefit the class as a whole. :)  

(As a D&D Gnome Bard, I may be biased.)

Hey Jared!

Being a D&D gamer myself I completely understand :) 

I would love to see a Druid character class with Wild Shape!

I'll be sure to pass your suggestion on to the team as well!

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