My Daily Routine

I've been using Classcraft for about 5 years now and have worked out a lot of kinks.  I thought I'd share my daily routine for management.

1) Start class with daily event

2) On the board, I keep a list of -HP and +XP for the period

3) At the end of each class, I run the timer.  If the class is cleaned up by end of the timer and seated, the entire class gets 50 XP.  

4) The Reckoning 

 At the end of each class, we assess the board.  Those that have -HP can only be healed or protected IF THEY MADE AMENDS to their guild.  Otherwise, they take the hit.  Amends means the offender helps someone such as putting away their laptop.

If there are NO HITS among Guild members, then the guild members get 110 XP (this creates herd mentality of everyone needing to behave, it is higher than collaborative XP gained in my set up).

I like the idea of rewarding any team that did not lose any HP during a class. 

May I ask why you keep track on the board instead of using the delayed damage feature?

Few reasons.  1) I have a laminated scroll on the board... the kids get a kick out of it.  2) It reminds the kids to make amends 3) They love to see the XP side grow - it give them goals like having a longer XP than HP list, and those that are on the HP side usually work hard to get their names on the XP side as well.  It reminds them that even if they screw up, they can stil succeed. 

Nice! Thanks for explaining. I'll have to consider that for my room. 

Great idea/format! How long does that usually take you at the end of a class period?

Clean up portion varies (I teach science so some days are clean up heavy).  The reckoning takes about a minutes to log everythign in.

Does anyone use Classcraft with third graders?  I am starting this year for the first time and I am not sure when to use it throughout the day.  Thanks so much!


I used for when I taught third and also now with fourth. I start the day with cnn10. During that 10 minutes students are allowed to do any character adjustments. Then I will do a couple random events. Throughout the day they can use powers on a separate computer and write what they used on my power tracker. On our half days I will do boss battles to review vocab and math. I use the quests for their digital assignment turn ins and to teach them how to use a forum. So basically it's active all day. Much easier to run class craft when you have them the whole day.

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