Forming Groups for Students

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Viewed the webinar today, Using Gamification for Language with Christian Trobinger. Near the end (during the Q & A) he spoke about how he feels it's important to let friends stay together in their chosen teams. This brought up a question for me, but there wasn't time to have it answered before the session ended.  Any thoughts on this...?


If allowing the students to form their own groups (even with our guidelines surrounding The Bartle Test, and including as many player types as possible, etc.), what do we do about the inevitably leftover quiet kids who are too shy/etc. to partner up?

If there are several of them, do you group them all together? I'd think this would result in an unbalanced group?  Or do you disperse them amongst the other groups who have chosen to work together? If the latter, I'd think that takes away from what Christian was saying about the importance of letting them choose who they want to work with and rely/depend upon.


Thanks! =)

I wondered that also (this was actually my question!)... I teach 6th grade which can be very cliquey, and I always have a couple of students who are a bit "outside" the groups for various reasons... I'm always hesitant to let kids choose their own groups, although I can certainly see the value for MOST of the kids.    

Also, maybe Classcraft could come up with a Bartle Test that matches up with their characters... I'm a little hesitant to talk about 6th graders being Killers, even though many of them are gamers and it's probably no big deal--don't think I want to hassle that with parents!!  I like the idea of them doing a bit a self-assessment to see what kind of player they might be before they (or I) form their groups.

I'm open to suggestions and ideas!!


I teach 4th grade and I create the teams for them.  They think I do it "randomly", however I do my research before school starts and I try to get a balance of gender, academic level, behavior level.  If I let them make their own team, then we would definitely have unbalanced teams and those kids that are left alone.  Hope this helps. 

I have done both with my gamified classes that don't use Classcraft.  I would say that they all work and all have drawbacks.  I have let them choose their groups, I have picked groups based on ability(heterogeneous), I have put them in random groups.  It doesn't really matter what you do, just go with the one you think you feel most comfortable with.  Since I am using this as a semester class, I am going to let them pick their groups. That doesn't mean they will sit by each other, just that they are a team in the game. 

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