[Solved] Classcraft for Spanish class. How to change language to Spanish?

 How can I change the language to Spanish? I've followed the steps on another thread, but there is no option to change to Spanish, only french. Yet, when i see tutorials on youtube in spanish, the game is clearly set up to display in Spanish on the account the demonstrator uses in the tutorial. 

There must be a way.





Hi John, 

Thanks for reaching out!

You can set a different language for your classes or even your whole account.

  1. To change the language for your account, click on your profile image and then "My Profile" (http://game.classcraft.com/profile). Select the language on the right-hand side. Afterward, confirm your choice by clicking the green checkmark at the bottom of the page.

  2. To set a different language for a single class, click the bubble on the desired class card and select 'settings' from there, in the left sidebar you will find the tab "Interface", click on it. There is an option there to set the language for the class.

    We also recommend using Chrome, Safari or Edge as your browser.

    If you are still only seeing the options for either French or English please let us know and we will gladly investigate this further together. 

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