Using Classcraft as an Elementary CS teacher

Next year, I'll be teaching computer science (CS) in a K-5 school. I'll see all 650 students. I'm curious about using Classcraft but with that many students, it seems impossible. I will probably start out with just the 4 5th grade classes to see how it goes. Even still, that's still 120 students. I'm trying to imagine giving out and taking away points for each of these classes, I'll see them once a week, and I feel like the whole class would be spent tracking points. Am I missing something?

Does anyone else use it in the K-5 setting where you see many classes, once a week in format? I'm curious what you do.


Hi Owen!

Thank you for reaching out! I will forward this directly to our Ambassadors to see if they will be able to provide you with some tips and tricks on how to integrate and use Classcraft in your particular classroom.

In the meantime, perhaps this article will be able to provide you with some ideas: 

I also located an interesting post from another teacher: 

Another potential resource may be in this webinar on Classroom Management using Classcraft: 

Commentaire officiel

Hey there! There are plenty of things you van do with Classcraft apart from just giving points.

I would encourage you to watch some of the starting videos, I could send you ones I've made, but they are in spanish.

First of all you should know what kind of groups and materials will you have:
1on1 devices? Just a few? Not at all?
20, 30 students per class?
A computer and projector in the class? an extra screen?
Which kind of things you have to teach?

I've been teaching science i English for spanish 5th grade students this last year, so I might help you a little

I would just create a separate class for each group of students.  Then you just switch to that class when the new group comes in.  You can import stuff from one class into another so you don't have to duplicate your work.  You can also leave off stuff from some classes or have things that are unique to the older classes.  I would also suggest having the older students help you with some of the management pieces.  For example if you have quests that need advancing or you track certain things you can have early finishers help you with those types of tasks.  Hope that helps!

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