MtGCardsmith Cards for Items, Events & 1-Off Power Uses

Greetings fellow Gamemasters! 

It has come to my attention that several of us here already use, or in my case, are starting to use to make items, etc. for our classrooms. 

So, I thought if we all shared our cards and ideas how to use them, it may help people new to the idea to implement it easier and it will help those of us who are already, or trying to do it, with some card options.  

Anyway, I am BeattySensei there. Below you will find a card I made (using me!).  
The site is not as hard to use as you might think.   


So those of use using cards... should you be able to buy them?   I've included a GP amount on mine so that they can buy them if they're available OR sell them to get GP to upgrade their armor or pet.