New Feature Announcement! Quests Marketplace

Hey, awesome teachers!

Great news: The Quests Marketplace is now Live!! Come be part of our new marketplace and share your awesome Quests with us here, as well as get some inspiration for your new adventures.

Find a Quest you like? Try adding it to your class in 2 easy steps. Import a new Quest today!

Check it out at


Hallo Michael!

This is something we were discussing of integrating within our version 2 of the Marketplace, which we're already working on, and if all goes well will be part of the next release. 

Loving all the suggestions Michael, keep them coming!


Commentaire officiel

Hi, the new Marketplace looks awsome. Would be even nicer if i could sort it by language, so everyone could find what they are looking for.

Thank you and greetings from Germany :D

I really like the idea of a Marketplace. I really appreciate the hard work of the devs and also the incredible creativity of my teaching colleagues around the world.

Is there any way of previewing part or all of a quest before importing it? Sometimes the description or tag isn't quite enough to know whether it would really work well with my students. Should I just import quests anyway and keep them hidden if it turns out they don't quite match my needs?

I agree. As a music teacher, I found that some people the "Music" and "Art" tags for quests that contain "Music" or "Art" projects, despite being primarily an English or History lesson. I think that it needs to be emphasized that the content area tags are only for those subjects.

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