[Solved] Classroom content

Does the classroom content really need to expire June 30th?

Having only 2 week to move all of my courses over to quests is going to be a nightmare.

(I haven't done it yet because quests still don't work on a mobile platform.)

I know that the plan was for it only to be available for this school year, but it seems premature to get rid of it given that quests only just came out of beta and still don't support mobile devices.

At the very least, it would be nice if I had the summer to move my content over.

(Or will quests still be available to import from after they are 'closed'?)

Hi Jared,

We are currently putting the final touches to our plan to phase out the Class Content and new information will be available within the next weeks.

However, fear not, you will not lose access to your Class content overnight. June 30th marks the date at which you will not be able to create new Class Content and we plan on gradually removing the Class Content section. You will definitely have more than 2 weeks to import your Class content into quests, but feel free to start converting some of your content so you don't have to do it all at once when the time comes :)

Have a wonderful end of the school year!

Hey Jared I am just starting with classcraft for this year. I got hired on late and have only had about 2 weeks so far to get lessons made. Would you by chance be willing to share any quests you might have for biology and physical science with me. you can contact me at harmicha@cassiaschools.org. Excited to get started

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