Back to School Intro Quest

So...I  submitted this to the "Quest of the month"...but I'd like to share it with all of you now so you can tweak it for you.

This is designed to help students get used to ClassCraft  and how to submit this.  It also guides them in creating several accounts that you may want them to set up for your class such as Quizlet or a shared google folder. 

It's not totally polished...and I'd love to hear any feedback that you might have. it is.

This is a great idea to introduce them to Classcraft and encourage them to accomplish small tasks at the beginning of the year that NEED to get done ASAP. I will definitely modify this for my math class which requires different website codes. Can you please share the "What Kind of Player Are You?" quiz. I think you can share it via gmail. My email is I would greatly appreciate it!

Hi Erica, 
Here's a link so that you can view the quest and copy it.  Hopefully this works for you (and others). Just in case I will also add you.  

Thanks for sharing this, Shawn!  I love the idea and will be tweeking it for my fourth graders!  

This is awesome - but is there a document that tells them their player type that I'm not seeing?

Unfortunately no. However it does give them time to reflect upon how they do play and they can discuss that when making teams.

Hey Shawn,  


Thanks for sharing your quest!  I am working on personalizing it for my class.  Would you mind sharing your  Introduction survey, so that I can make copies and adapt  it?   I love what you have done!

Thanks again,



Hi Shawn,


I am also hoping to get a link to the quiz for students, it seems awesome!



Hi Shawn.

My teacher friend who is starting out with classcraft is always looking for new quests so thank you for sharing. I will send him your link.

Best Regards


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