End of Year Quest

My 4th graders have been begging for one final Quest!  While we are doing end of testing and such, this will give them some fun things to do!  I've included some tasks to create web pages, memory books and such.  I've also given them opportunites to "Play" with some of VR/AR apps on the tablets.  



Kellie, this is such a great and fun idea.  My kids are loving reliving all of our cool and fun projects that they have been working on all year.

How much time is given for the quest? I've never done one, so I'm quite new to the concept.

Rylan-  I'm glad you enjoyed it!  My kids loved it and it kept them very focused before and after state testing!  They were working on it up until dismissal on the last day of school!  


Johannes-  I gave my kids four weeks on this quest.  Some can vary in lenght and time.  I like doing ones that have multiple paths to offer choices!

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