[Solved] Teacher connect is required for some students

I am trying to pull my students in from google classroom and keep getting the message "[[Teacher connect is required for some students]]".  I am not sure what I need to do to get my students in.  I know some of the students already have accounts, but they from another class of mine.

Hi teachers!

This has been a resounding concern that we have heard from you, and I want to let you all know that we are listening.

We are currently working on both a short and long term solution in order to make your back to school season as simple as possible, so your patience is appreciated while we figure it out.

Please keep sending us your feedback, it is always appreciated!

One workaround we have found is that if these are pre-existing students who have used Classcraft before, then they will first need to be archived. As a teacher you can either archive the whole previous class, or you can ask the students to archive their own characters. Here is a helpful article on this: https://help.classcraft.com/hc/en-us/articles/225172948-Archiving-classes-and-student-characters

Once this has been completed you can now provide them with the appropriate Class code, rather than adding them as new students, then they will need to log in and enter the class code into their accounts. 

Where to find your class code:


Where the students need to enter it:


Best regards,
Jayson Roy, Classcraft Community Lead

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I had a similar trouble today with a student that left the district and then re-enrolled. When you say that they are in another class of yours, does that mean they have an active character in that class too? If not, then they can log in via Google, archive their character (if necessary), and join your class via the class code.

If they have accounts from another teacher's class, then you can get their Teacher Connect code from their profile and connect to them that way to share the students.

If you're talking about a student that is in more than one of your own classes though, unfortunately I'm stumped on how to set up a multi-class for a student you already teach without having a separate teacher manage the other class.



I'm having the same issue; unless I have the other teacher's name, according to the power's that be, I can't load my students from Google Classroom.  

Frustrated.  Might have to send an invite, but it is delaying the start of the class a bit.  Wish there were a work-around.



SAME! This is very frustrating! If the student accounts are archived I should be able to finish my set up!!! 

Same. No solutions?

Thanks for the official comment; the issue I have is that I have no way of knowing who the original teacher was.  I think when I enroll the class, I'll have to wait and enroll them individually. <shrug>


Just going to take some additional class time...

Did my set up today... I set up a simple google form that just asked for first and last name, I then took the students names off the google sheet and pasted right into Classcrafts add students manually option. I then printed and passed out their codes. I gave them the intro packet with the classes and settings to review while I set this up... wasn’t as good as before by far but it was quick. Good luck!

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