[Solved] Linux users?

I may (🤞🏻) be getting old computers in my room for next year. They are 7 years old and currently run Windows 7. However, I am really thinking about installing edubuntu, a Linux based system. After finally getting to try quests this week, I am really looking forward to using them more freuquently for next year.

Does anyone have any experience with running Classcraft on Linux based systems? I plan to instal Chrome on these machines, so I don’t think there will be a browser issue.

Hi Jess, 

Thanks for reaching out! Since Classcraft is a browser-based game the OS should have little to no impact on the game directly as long as the browser (Chrome, Safari, or Edge) is fully compatible and functional with that OS. 

However, please let us know if you notice any compatibility issues and we will investigate further. 

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I've been running Classcraft on Lubunutu with Google Chrome.  I'm just getting things started but I've not seen any issues yet.

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