Differentiation of Quests via Google Classroom

New to Classcraft and totally addicted! Have a question though! I can differentiate assignments in Google Classroom by only assigning assignments to certain students...I'd LOVE to be able to do this with quests as well. So, basically the quests would be tied into the differentiated assignments that I have assigned to certain students in Google Classroom. Is this possible? Or is it coming? Am I even making sense?

Thank you!


Hi Deanna, 
I've been thinking about the same thing! Unfortunately it seems quests are simply visible to the whole class or not at all. 
All I can think of is you could have the quest chains split off into the differentiated tasks, how you got the right students on the right chains would be the tricky part. 
It would take a lot of orchestrating but if you could get students with the same needs that you're differentiating for in the same team or class you could say 'This quest is for Warriors only'. 

Or perhaps give your students 'Secondary Professions'. Scholars (good at writing), Craftsmen (more hands on), Artists (Visually based students), Bards (those that prefer/need to vocalise answers), Engineers (those that prefer tech assistance), it depends on what you're differentiating for but you could then have 'This Quest is for Craftsmen/Bards only'. 

I was just thinking about this today!  I would love to have certain quests only available to show for certain students.  Since I run a self paced classroom I have some students who are on a different quest than others.  The students who are not on that quest inevitabley enter that quest anyway!


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