Automatic Leveling Up

Hello, I'm currently using Classcraft in my classes and the students so far are loving it! I can see their enthusiasm in learning is now improved greatly. However, I'm afraid my students are not able to gain full experience on Classcraft as it is a boarding school and students are not allowed bring smartphones and besides that the school's computer lab is what would I describe as lacking. Thus, they could not level up as they wish. I hope automatic levelling up mode would be considered by developers for such cases. Fellow educators, if anyone has any suggestion on how to tackle this issue, please share your thoughts here. Thank you.

I don't know that I'd recommend automatic leveling up, because that would take the reward aspect out of it.  

I find that the main way my students level up is through experience from good assignments.  So that doesn't require them to have a computer.  They just need to submit solid work that follows the instructions.  

  • If you're using the premium version, there is a grade converter that lets you do this pretty automatically, but even if you use the free version, you can just award 500 XP for an A, 400 for a B, 300 for a C, etc.   

Another thing you could consider is having students keep a journal of the things they do through the day that might be worth AP.  You could decide what would count - spending time in a study group, helping another student understand an assignment, etc.  You could review their journals every few days and award XP. 

And of course, during class they could let you know they wanted to use a collaborative power, which would gain them XP.  You could then use it for them at your teacher's station or on your phone!


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