[Solved] How can we combine emails for a student using Google Classroom?


My student has been playing Classcraft all year. I have finally started using the iPads and created a Google Classroom for the students to use. He had used his Google email which is different from his school assigned smail account which is also through google. When he tried to update the email Classcraft said his email was already in the system. When I combined their Google Classroom student emails with ClassCraft using "create new students", Classcraft did not combine his information with his established character creating an entirely new avatar that does not have all his bells and whistles. I am trying to manually combine the two accounts and do not see a way to do this. I have 22 classes and this is not the only student that has this problem. How can we fix it please?


Edit: Students who had not added yahoo or gmail addresses had no trouble getting their established Classcraft accounts and Google Classroom accounts to combine. No email attached to ClassCraft, then no trouble.

Hi Tayla,

Thanks for sharing this great question with us in the forums! Let me try to break it down so that I can answer it as best and as clearly as possible.

When he tried to update the email Classcraft said his email was already in the system

Yup, that means there is another Classcraft account using that email address. For cases like these, where there is a second email in the system (that is owned by the same person), but the account is not in use AND the account is a student account; please send us that email address at support@classcraft.com so that we may delete the student account for you. This would then allow your student to change his email address successfully. 

If the second account is a teacher account, then you can simply delete the account on your end from the "My Profile" page (in the top right corner of the game). 

Hope this helps! 


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