New feature announcement! March 2018

 Hi everyone,

We have a few special updates for you this month!

Users can now launch Classcraft through their Clever Dashboard (provided that their District is using Clever), and use their Clever login to sign in.

We have added options to the character creation that will allow students to better identify with their characters.

We also made a few adjustments to how Google Classroom assignments integrate into Quests:

There is a new Knowledge Center article on the Demo Class.

As always, we’d love to hear from you at if you have any questions or comments.

The Classcraft Team

Always on top ! 💪

Any word on integrating Canvas?  My school is going fully to Canvas this Fall, and it would be great if Classcraft worked with it.

Also interested in integration with Canvas. Any news?

Canvas integration is still on our 'To do' list!

I will add your voices to our feature request platform so that our developers know that many teachers would appreciate Canvas to be integrated into Classcraft!

Add my name to the interested list as well.

I also would be very interested in Classcraft/Canvas integration!

Please add me to the interested list for Canvas integration as well!

I am also VERY interested in Canvas integration; that's what we would need to happen before we would consider using this (awesome!) program school-wide.

I am also VERY VERY interested in Canvas integration as I am slowly, gradually gamefully designing my online courses. Please add me to the list of those interested. Thanks...

Hey, everyone! 

Thanks for sharing! Consider your votes added to the list!

Just throwing my voice in as another proponent of Canvas integration. It would be awesome for the start of the 2019-2020 school year!

Looking forward to Canvas integration.

Would also love Canvas integration.

Add me too!

I've added everyone's votes for the Canvas integration, this feature request is getting more and more backing ;)

Please include me as well for Canvas integration.

My district is the 8th largest in the US (Orange County, Florida) and has adopted Canvas as our LMS and are a Digital 1:1 district in 6-12, launching K-5 1:1 classrooms starting in the 2019-2020 school year.

We really love things that integrate with Canvas...

We are required to use Canvas as a district, so we really need Classcraft/Canvas integration! I can't see using this great program until that integration can happen. It would be entirely too much work to manually go from Classcraft to Canvas.

Yes, please integrate Canvas!!

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