Boss Battle Suggestion

I would like it if the question would come up and then there was another step where you could click to reveal who would be playing that question.  This way, I could have the whole class preparing to answer the question and then reveal who would have to answer it aloud. I had an administrator come and observe a boss battle and they didn't like that one kiddo's name was up there and everyone else knew they were off the hook for that question. This would also be great for teams.  I would have all teams prepared to give their answers, but no one would know who would be called upon beforehand. 

I would also like there to be a sharing boss battle like for quests.  I would like it to be more like Kahoot, however, where you can see all of the questions before committing to download it.


YESSSSS, please!!! In this age of teacher-hunting, we need to be able to hide who is going to answer each question so that everyone attempts it first!!

LOL, I was looking to make this suggestion again this year and had forgotten that I had already done. it, LOL.  PLEASE make it so it can randomly choose a student AFTER seeing the question.  I really need this to make the boss battle work better in my classroom. 

Thank you very much for the suggestions, we have already sent this to our developers to review and I will be sure to add more votes to it! :)

Feel free to send other great ideas our way and do not hesitate to contact us again if you need anything in the future!

Is there any update on this? It seems it's been requested for a veryyyyy long time now, and with a new year about to start, unless we can hide who is answering, Boss Battles are pretty much rendered useless.

Hello Nicole!

This feature has been suggested and is currently under consideration by the team. Unfortunately, at this time, all I can share is that we have received a number of requests for adding this to the game, and we are super open to taking feedback and suggestions.

Rest assured that this is definitely something that will be looked into. As other changes are in the pipeline for Boss Battles, I cannot guarantee that this feature will be added exactly the way it was requested, or at all. This being said, there is currently no clear timeline for this project on our end.

Stay tuned!

One suggestion I would make that could possibly make this feature possible quicker is to allow a teacher to set up a Boss Battle so that when the question comes up it is toggled to fullscreen first. I've noticed the two arrows in the top-right corner of a question will make the question go fullscreen and hides the Boss and the player from view. If we could have a checkmark when we set up the Boss Battle that indicates that each question should start in fullscreen mode first, then when each question comes up no one will know who is supposed to answer the question. We as the teachers could then have the whole class answer the question. We could have them submit the answer electronically or have them discuss it in pairs or in groups, or however we would want to do that. Then, we could click on the "X" in the top-right corner of the question to reveal who needs to answer the question. Or we could just click on the "Reveal Answer" button which will show the answer and whose answer we look at to see if it matches.

The fullscreen view would also have to happen before we dealt with damage to a player as the next player is always shown behind the damage window.

As always with suggestions I know that this isn't necessarily an easy two-minute fix for the developers. But, it could possibly could be a shorter fix than trying to add a whole new feature.

I'd like to add my vote that this feature be added as it is an excellent idea.

I’d like to know if we could have more Bosses like evil wizards or chieftains (not only animals) to give students a sense they’re progressing through a world of evil kings and sorcerers? I think we probably need some clear enemy characters the children can defeat in the game.

These enemies could be woven into the Story Mode too. Thanks!

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