Assigning Boss Battles


I would love to be able to create a boss battle and then have it act like a quiz/assignment (versus a whole class process). This could be done at an individual or team-level. More or less, it puts further pressure on understanding the content AS they don't want to fall in battle. It may also promote further collaboration when such is possible.

This is a great idea!

Whole-heartedly agree. I use stations in my 6th-grade classroom and a boss battle would make for a great station, that gives the students practice on a concept; in addition, the station also gives them some time to upgrade their characters. 

Hey everyone!

Our team has been working on the integrations of boss battles in quests (Allowing the boss battles to work as individual quizzes) for a while now and I believe we are close to having something to show you!

Keep your eyes open for new features in the coming months!

If you’re adding such a thing, then it’d be a dream come true!

Thank you for listening to your users!

Yes please! Originally I thought this was how the boss battles were integrated which works better for our students individual learning pathways


Any update on this? It seems like y'all have been saying you're working on it or that you'll show us something soon since 2017 across multiple threads.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide!

Has there been any update of adding the boss to the quiz? Or can I actually assign each of my students manually to attempt at the boss?

Hi everyone! When building a quest, you’ll notice a new objective type!  With this new BETA type of objective, you can attach a self-grading Google Forms Quiz directly to a quest objective. Here is the complete Knowledge Article:

Have a great day and stay safe!

Hi, This would be a huge step in allowing self-paced student progress. Is there any way they can have a link that allows them to challenge a boss in battle? So if it's not embedded fully yet, there is a static link that gets them into the boss battle quiz you have created for them? 

Hi Phelix!

This feature isn't available but I'll make sure to send your suggestion to the Product Team!

Hi! I started to use ClassCraft this year and I'm loving it! I'm here to increase the chorus of the teachers claiming the boss battle as a homework tool or an exam! 

Any news?

Hi, My Year 9 class are thoroughly enjoying using Classcraft but many are already asking if there is a way to tackle boss battles at the end of a 'quest', is there any update on setting boss battles as assignments or having them set at the end of a quest for individuals to tackle?


Any update on this, the original post is over 4 years old at this point.

Good morning!

Our development team is currently evaluating 2 super interesting changes to the Boss battle system in order to provide more options when comes the time to evaluate your student's progress. Stay tuned in the coming months for more info!


This is wonderful to hear!

I love the whole class boss battle process; however, would love some other ways to implement them (adding novelty and new approaches depending on what I'd like them to practice).

Thank you for continuing to look into these ideas!

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