[Solved] Slow loading on devices causing characters to appear unclad.

When some of my students purchased a new set for their characters, a lag in loading caused a stir when it appeared that characters were only in undergarments until the new armour rendered. I want to assure that my 5th-grade students feel safe to view their characters if they don't load right away. Has anyone else experienced this with a slow connection and is there any way that the characters can be entirely blank or greyed until the new set loads?

Hello Matthew, 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Last year, I believe we had one or two reports of something similar occurring. Since it required so many specific pieces to be out of place, the issue was so rare that our even our Dev Team had a hard time duplicating it. To my knowledge, the issue was then promptly resolved. 

That being said, we do take these things very seriously so I'd like to start a dialogue with you to get as much information as possible about what happened in the moments leading up to what you saw. If you feel like you might need to share some information you're not comfortable sharing here on the forums than I'd be more than happy to open up a support ticket for us to discuss privately. 


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