Quests for HS Students

My goal with quests is to provide students an opportunity to learn outside the math curriculum.  I believe Classcraft should be optional and because of that, I cannot use quests as my math assignments (even though that would be cool).  Instead, I'm working on quests where students watch videos, listen to podcasts, etc. and submit a 1-2 paragraph response.  This could be used in any subject area for high school and possibly even junior high students.  I just finished a 13-quest TED Talk quest line and am currently working on one for TheMathDude podcast.  Here's my TED Talk quest line and I'll post my TheMathDude one when it's finished!

really like this Thomas.  I also teach high school science and have been trying to create quests when I can.  Have you finished the math one? or do you have any others youd be willing to share?? thanks!


I did this week!  Here's my TheMathDude Podcast questline. 

Thanks for sharing!!

Thomas, thanks so much.  Ive started two quests this week both yours! My coworker (math teacher) loved this new quest thanks for sharing.  Like I said I teach high school and also have the öptional mentality, but mostly everyone is playing.  My email is Id love to get in touch to exchange idea, you have some great ones.  thanks again


anybody else got any good quests lol????/

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