4th Grade Math and Reading Quests NEW AND UPDATED NOV 2018

Hi everyone!

UPDATE: Links have been updated and 2 new quests are included: A Hero is Born and Reign of Terror. 

I’ve created a few quests that I want to share with you. The storyline is adapted from Phil Howard’s realm. Thanks, Phil!

You will notice that my “tasks” include teaching materials and assessments because I use a blended learning model during language arts and math. Make sure you update links like Google Docs and Flipgrid so that your students don’t send their work to me.

You will also notice some quests have introduction videos or clips. Let me know if you have questions for me!

Language Arts:

Fact and Opinion (A Hero is Born) (Video Trailer)

Main Idea/Details and Combine Information from 2 Texts (The Seeker of Knowledge)

Making Inferences (Beware the Vampire Hydra)

Theme (Under the Jail) (Video Trailer)

Simile and Metaphor (Into the Trap) (Video Trailer)

Figurative Language (Cat and Mouse) (Video Trailer)

ELA Skill Review (A Long Trek East) (Video Trailer)

Persuasive Writing (The Tower of Greycastle) (Video Trailer)

Poetry and Drama (On the Hunt) (Video Trailer)



Decimals and Fractions (Reign of Terror) (Video Trailer)

Algebra Review (A Terrible Winter) (Video Trailer)

Measurement Review (A Healer’s Journey) (Video Trailer)

Geometry (Vander’s Training) (Video Trailer)

Data and Graphing (Refuge) (Video Trailer)


These are AMAZING, Amanda!! Thank you SO much for sharing!!!

Hi Andrea! I'm glad you have found these quests useful! :o)

Wow - These are so awesome. Great work, Amanda! :D 

This must have taken so much time and effort. But, from the looks of it, it's definitely worth the investment! These are fantastic! 


Epic music, epic story and epic items. 😃

My students are having a blast with these quests! Thank you so very much. 

How did I miss these earlier?  Thank you so much for sharing!  I can't wait to not only use them, but use them as springboard  for more!   I'm impressed with some of the Apps you integrated as well!  I'm teaching a PD this summer, and I will be sharing one of your quests!  


Thanks for posting those quests.  I plan to use them and get them adapted for my 4th grade class as needed.  The video trailers will be great as a intro and motivator.  How do you know when a student has completed a task?  Worksheet?  Google Classroom assignment?  Just trying to get some different ideas so I when to advance them.  Thanks for your help and work on these!

Hi all! So glad you are enjoying the quests! My students and I had a great time with them too.

Kellie- How was the PD you taught? I'd love to hear any feedback about the quests if you have any for me. I'm always looking for new ideas for new quests.

Kevin- I use a system where students show me they are ready for me to check their work. It helps to save me a lot of time and also provide timely feedback for my students. You can see pictures of it and read a full explanation on my blog in this post: http://www.teachforthewin.com/2018/01/setting-stage-preparing-students-for.html Let me know if you have any questions for me-I'm happy to collaborate with you! 



Thanks for the blog info.  What is the easiest way to communicate with you?  FB? Blog posts? Here?  I would love to pick your brain.  I'm a 4th grade teacher in NJ myself, 14th year.  3rd year using Classcraft, 2nd year as ambassador, but still learning.  I like the board you have but was wondering if you can discuss more about it.  I understand moving their picture to the scroll when a task is completed.  How do you limit the number of tasks they can do in a week?   Hope you have a great 4th of July.  I totally agree with you on getting students to watch videos for learning, as opposed to just watching videos for entertainment.  If messaging me through FB is easier, feel free to send me a message that way to get the convo started.  

Thanks again, 


Hey Kevin,

Feel free to reach me here or email (amanda.b.moore@gmail.com). I found that limiting the number of tasks to complete each week really helped me do a couple things: ensure that each student wasn't rushing to complete quests, provide timely feedback, and easily group students for face-to-face teaching based on need. The white pieces of paper in the middle of the board that you see on my blog is a list of the tasks in the quest we are working on. I just reveal the tasks students can work on each week by putting the names of the tasks on the board. My students know not to move past that point. I have found that using a simple spreadsheet to track student progress through the tasks helps me to gauge student progress. 

I still had student who would rush to complete work or just guess on answers, so they had to redo/fix their work. Next year, I'm thinking on setting a limit for student redo work. So if a student still does not pass a task after the second try (meaning they tried the task twice and I've met with them to give them reteaching), then they only will receive partial XP points for the task. We'll see how that goes. 

I'll be out of reach for the next few days, but feel free to respond and I'll get back with you when I return. Have a great one!



These are so great! My colleagues talked with you at ISTE in Chicago this summer so I've been excited to check out your quests. I am unable to get the simile and metaphor quest to work for me. The other ones work, but I can't see to get that one to open for me. Can you send it to me in some other way by chance?

Thank you!


Hi Jayme,

I'm glad you have found my quests! I just updated the link above for the Into the Trap quest (Simile and Metaphor). Give that a try and let me know if works for you now.


Have a great day!


Good evening,

Am new to Classcraft and am loving using it in my classroom! I have imported some quests that others have created and edited them to work for my classes.

I would love to be able to import the ones you have made on Poetry, but when I click on the links in this post, it looks like it is going to link properly, but then goes to my home dashboard.

I was able to import the On the Hunt quest, but all the others don't copy/import.

Any ideas?!

Thanks in advance,

Kristen Dunn

My students love your stories.  I am also enjoying the ideas you have!  Keep up the good work!

I should add to this that my 5 year old son has started doing your quests.  Through a series of events his stuffed animal became a member of my class.  He has been doing the quests for "warm" and he is so intrigued by the stories and loves the videos you have found as part of the task for each quest. These really are well designed quests!

Hi Kristin and David!

David- so glad that you are finding these quests helpful! I'm working on 4 new ones, and I'll update with links in upcoming weeks. 

Kristen- I tried the links above and they worked for me (I imported them into a new class I created). Give the links another try. If that still doesn't work let me know you email address and I can try getting new links for you. In the meantime, some of my quests are also located in the Classcraft Marketplace. 

I can't thank you enough for these Amanda!!! Just Wonderful!! And my students thank you!

Hi Amanda.  I am also having a hard time getting the links to work.  Can you email me as well.  milewis@vbschools.com  Thanks.  

I've updated all links and added 2 new quests. Let me know if you have any trouble! :o)

First of all, thanks!

I know you are fourth and probably not in Virginia, but here is a quest I made last week with some LA objectives that goes well with our fifth grade VIRGINIA History. It has a fun story I wrote about Pocahontas and her husband John Rolfe. (Historical Fiction) you will also find some context clues and fiction & narative writing opportunities in there.



Hallo Amanda. I really like the direction you've taken Phil's quest. I've been exploring and editing some of the paths for my own class and I noticed that the link in 'The Relic of Highmare' in the 'Under the Jail' quest wasn't working.

This is the link https://mywayne.wayne.k12.in.us

Is it working for others?

Hi Adam,

I'm glad you are finding the quests useful! All the "learning hub" links (https://mywayne.wayne.k12.in.us) throughout my quests link to our district LMS, meaning students outside our district will not have an account or have access. I'm sorry about that! 

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