Middle Years Adventure Theme Quest

Please enjoy this quest, which is designed for grades 7-9. It is primarily ELA, but includes elements of Arts Ed, Science, and numeracy as well. Keep in mind that the Google Forms are for my account, so you will need to design your own in these cases. Otherwise, I will get your students' feedback. ;)


Holy cow this is fantastic!  I love the choose your own adventure style you have added in!

Your quest looks fantastic! I can only access some of the content though so it is hard to understand how the adventure begins. First document I cannot access; would you be willing to share a view only copy of some of your documents so I can make a copy and modify them for my students as needed? The ideas are on-point for my students who could benefit from thinking about the essential questions that you posed. 

Agreed!  This is amazing!  It would be even better if you could set it up with a team or shared drive so that we can get the assignment links without having to request access to the files you've posted.

Thanks, folks! I'm still a beginner in this area, but I appreciate the feedback. I will absolutely grant viewing access for any docs you want to see. That way, you can make a copy for your Google Drive if you wish.

Hi Jason,

I would also love to see a "view only" version of your documents, if that is possible :-) 

Hi Jason!  This looks amazing!  I too would LOVE a view only  version of your documents. Would you consider putting them in a "team drive" on Google?  Thank you so much for you hard work!

Looks awesome! I'd like to know what the questions/prompts you had on the various Google Forms...



Awesome Quest !  I too would love a view only version of your documents!  Kim's team drive idea is a great one!

Brilliantly done. Puts my simple quests to shame! I love the Choose your own Adventure theme. 

If you change the sharing permissions on your google docs to "Anyone with the link can view" then anyone wanting to see them can, but your documents won't actually be affected. 

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