[Support Team] Student Code VS Class Code VS Teacher Connect ID

Greetings, Teachers!

It's come to my attention that there's some confusion about the different codes available to teachers and students in Classcraft and that it's causing some people to find their code not working properly. 

There are 3 different types of codes in Classcraft that do a few different things. 

  1. The Student Code
  2. The Class Code
  3. The Teacher Connect ID

1. The Student Code is used to help students first create their Classcraft account (sign up) and will also connect the student's account to the teacher Classcraft class. This code can only be used during account creation

Every student has one, and it can be found in "Configure Class" (the gear icon at the bottom of the left sidebar) > Students. 


2. The Class Code is used to help students with existing Classcraft accounts join a teachers class. This should be done for a new school year/semester when students have accounts but do not have an active character (archived by the student from the past school term).

Every one of your Classcraft Classes has one, and it can be found in "Configure Class" > Students > Class Code (button). 


3. The Teacher Connect ID is what you will need to connect your account with another teacher's Classcraft account at your school. It's a code you can get from your "My Profile" page (in the top right corner of the game). You'll need to use Teacher Connect in order to share and import students with Multi-Class.

Getting your Teacher Connect ID from your "My Profile" page: 


Still need some help? Feel free to let us know here in the comments or via support@classcraft.com


How do I get a class code

I do not see the teacher connect as an option. Also, why can't students have different avatars and be in different classes. I ran multiple PD's for teachers about class craft only to find out that they can not use the program because the students are already in my class craft class. Wouldn't it be easier to just allow students to switch between classes on the dashboard like google classroom? We were very high on your product but we want autonomy to allow students to have individual avatars for each class. In the middle school setting, this seems necessary. 

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