[Solved] teacher has left the school, but account still active. Can't add my students without Teacher Connect?

A former teacher had joined Classquest but is not longer at this building. When trying to add students, it prevents me as it says I must connect with her. We do not see the same aged students, she is elementary and I am middle school. How do I go about adding and fixing this issue?

Hi Kathleen, I'd love to help you out with this issue. 

Easy fix here: 


1. If your students are still connected with another teacher at your school:

By connecting with that teacher using Teacher Connect, you should be all set to import your students over. You can do that in "Configure Class" (the gear icon at the bottom of the left sidebar) > Students > Add Students > Import.


2. If your students are no longer connected to any teacher at your school:

Your students will all need to go into their "My Profile" page (in the top right corner of the game) and archive their character. Once that's done, you would give them your new Class Code (found in "Configure Class" (the gear icon at the bottom of the left sidebar) > Students > Class Code. With this code, they'll be able to join your new class by entering that into their "My Profile" page. 

I hope this helps! I am currently on live chat right now, so if you need any more help, please don't hesitate to drop by! 


Hi,  I'm having the same issue and we tried the above and it is still saying that the student's email is connected to another account and it won't let him access the assignments through google classroom.  He can create a character and join my class but can't get to the work assigned to him. 

Hi Melissa, I have transferred your situation into an email conversation so that we can get to the bottom of this together.

Expect an email from support@classcraft.com very soon.

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