[Solved] Using the same email address for two different students

Hi there,

I have a parent who would like to use the same email address for both her children. The email works for one student, however when I try to enter the same email address for the second child, it says "this email address is already in use".


Is there a way I can input the same email address for two different children and seperate classes?


Hello there, Henry,

Classcraft student accounts can only have one active avatar at a time and thus, only 1 student per Classcraft account. For parents, you can use a single parent account to link up to any number of student accounts. Here's more info on how to add a second child to your account.

If you wish to bypass email addresses altogether, that's an option, too! The student will simply need to create their account using a username, password and their student code. 

I hope this helps!


***Edit: Tommy for the Dev Team overheard me talking about this and mentioned that if the parent is using a Gmail account, they can sign up two different student accounts by adding a "+something" at the end of the address. So, for example, parentname+childname1@gmail.com and parentname+childname2@gmail.com would work! Gmail has a feature where it'll send all emails directed to those addresses directly into parentname@gmail.com. This way, you can have 2 different student accounts using the "same" email account. Pretty cool, wouldn't you agree?

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