Several questions about quizzes

1. Is there a way I can make a quest 'hidden' while still leaving the link accessible? e.g. I would like for kids to only be able to get to the quest if they break into a BreakoutEDU box, beat one of my online games, etc.

(I have just figured out that I can use this technique to have kids access unlinked objectives with no paths to them, which is almost as good.)  :)  (Please don't add extra security to lock this out! This allows for amazing real world interactions.)  DOH!  Upon further testing, I've found that the 'task complete' button doesn't work on orphaned objectives... so sad...  I know it isn't a priority, and that just turning off that requirement entirely would create the possibility of abuse but if there is a quick fix that would allow for claiming of things without a path to them that aren't unlocked yet if they can get the URL, it would create a lot of Easter egg and integration opportunities...  

2. What is the difference between objectives marked with a flag and those marked with a pin? (I just figured out by playing with a student account that flags show tasks that they have already completed.  But why do some things show up as pins and some as flags in the teacher view?)

3. Is there any plan to eventually allow teachers to upload their own images for quest maps?  It occurs to me that the 'map' doesn't actually need to be a location, it could be a picture of an open toolbox or a table-top covered in lab equipment you want the kids to learn to use, etc. and each piece of equipment could be an objective.

4. Further to point 3, would it be possible, then to link from one map to another, or setup sub-quests with their own mini-map?

5. When the legacy content expires, will we still be able to import from old legacy content and just not able to assign it, or will it all be gone entirely?  (I have a LOT of legacy content to convert...)

 6. Oh... and is there any way to tell which are the quests that have messages attached to them?  I see a '3' (or whatever) over the quest icon but no idea which quests have the messages.  Would it be possible to have the notifications indicator on each quest pin?

Or maybe have the quest comments show up under 'messages' as well under the associated kid (with a hyperlinked tag line labeled with the objective and linking to the associated quest's comment tab.)