Unused Power points

I was wondering if there was any thought about what to do with left over Power Points? Kids are going up levels and after they have learned all 9 spells, they have unused points that they can't spend. Any thoughts about them being able to buy a special potion, or wand, that teachers can customize (like healing potion, or wand to leave class, or anything else)

Hey, Eric!

What do you think would be good?

I had a couple of thoughts on this:

#1 - A Potion of healing.  You should customize this to give back whatever HP the teacher customizes.  .

#2 - A Wand of Protection.  This allows someone to protect themselves from 10 HP worth of damage.

#3 - Cloak of Invisibility.  Gives a 1 use of the Invisibility spell.  (Mine is to allow the kids to use the bathroom or get a drink)

#4 - Snare trap.  Allows the same as the Hunting spell for 1 use.

#5 - God Scroll.  Allows the same as a Sainthood or Favor of the Gods spell for 1 use.

#6 - Sapphire Gem.  Replenishes 10 AP.

You can really pick any item and have it simulate a spell for 1 use.  


Eric Westover

This would allow kids to continue to have a buy-in to the game even after they have earned all the spells.

Awesome ideas! Implementing some of these will definitely bring up power balancing issues. I'll add these to our suggestions list!  

I have added a "Prestige Pet" for use with the unused Power Points after Level 18. I got the idea from someone here on the forum, but for the life of me I can't find the originator of the spreadsheet that I copied. I put everything into a Google Doc instead as it was easier to keep the images in a table rather than over a cell in a spreadsheet. I've had students suggest newer ideas for the powers as well. 


This doesn't technically start until they are on Level 21 as they need to have 3 unused PowerPoints (after "purchasing" all of the available powers). I do a Boss Battle about every two weeks and so they have an opportunity to use those powers only on those days.

If someone can find the original posting, please link it to a comment here as I am not the originator of this as all. I've just loved being able to use the idea for my classes.

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