Quest Video Trailer

I created a "Quest Trailer" (like a movie trailer) for my newest quest focusing around 4th grade algebra. The trailer does not mention the content, so you can change the content of the quest and the video will still work for you. 

Note: I created this quest following the story line that Phil Howard shared in an earlier post (see: 4th grade quests for independent work). He has created a great realm! Check it out!!

Youtube Trailer:

A Terrible Winter Quest: 


LOVE IT!!!!! Also, since our classes are in the same realm, perhaps we can figure out a situation where our two classes have to work together!

Count me in, Phil! Let's chat!

Twitter: @teachforthewin


Epic Quest trailer, Amanda! It's really super awesome. :)

Thanks for sharing!

LOVE the idea of creating a video trailer for a quest! What screen capture technology did you use to create it?

Hi Erin! Thanks so much!

I used the snipping tool to get the picts of the map. Then I used Windows Movie Maker to create the actual video. I'm looking for a web-based option so that my students can create videos. Do you have any suggestions? 

I have translated / adapted your storyline into French, and have used it with my grade 8 Math/French Immersion class to combine some Math concepts with a bit of creative writing. Thank you for the inspiration!!


As far as web-based video editing, my students have used wevideo in the past... I prefer iMovie, but sometimes we don't have access to it.

Thank your for sharing such incredible ideas and talents!  I love it!  

Erin- C'est Magnifique! So glad that you found the quest useful for your students. Thanks for the tip about wevideo. I'll check it out for sure!

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