[Solved] Quest Assignment Rewards

I'm using Quests for the first time this semester for an Independent Research Project I have students working on. I've managed to figure out tasks & assignments without a problem, but I'm not seeing the On-time or Early Turn-in Rewards for the assignments being doled out in my Newsfeed; I only see the rewards for the final task completion. Is this something I need to do on my own, or am I missing a step somewhere?

Hi David, 

Great question! So, just so I'm sure about what you're asking, the On-time or Early Turn-in Rewards for the assignments are not being given to your students at all?

That is correct. I've had a handful of students meet the Early Turn-In date, but the only rewards showing up in the Game Feed are the ones for completing the overall task.

Alright! This sounds like something we could look at a little better together in a support ticket. I've gone ahead and created one for you.

You should expect to receive an email from Classcraft soon!

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