[Solved] Importing Random Events

It's the beginning of the school year in Australia and I am starting to prep for 2018 including my Classcraft games.  It looks to me like the import random event button no longer appears on the random event settings page.  I keep a dummy class with all my customisations in it and then import them through the year as needed.  For those in a similar situation to this, it looks like it is now done through SETTINGS > IMPORT SETTINGS then select the class and which aspects you want to import.  I went mildly crazy searching for a solution!

Hey, Justin!

Thanks for sharing. We made these changes to simplify things in the long run. I'm sorry to hear you had a hard time finding the new settings. 

We're doing our best to share new feature updates as they get up and running. You can find the announcement for January 2018 here!

Yeah me too - started typing in 80 random events for 3 classes until I found this post!




I'm glad to see this post helped you save some (a lot!) of time! :)



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