New feature announcement! January 2018

Hi everyone,

We have some new features to announce!

You can now share your game rules with teachers anywhere. Learn how to use "Share Settings" here.

The process of archiving students has been simplified. Students can now archive and unarchive characters in their student account. They can also view previous characters in the Hall of Heroes!

Adding students who have played in a previous year should also be easier with the class code.

We have launched Self-Paced Progress, which enables students to automatically proceed to the next objective(s) they’ve unlocked in a quest, without needing manual approval from the teacher first.

We hope this makes your life easier. We have other surprises coming soon!

If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you at

The Classcraft Team


Self-paced progress is so exciting!  I was so happy to read this I made a new Quest for tomorrow (which the kids have been begging for, by the way). Thank you so much!

Hey, Stephanie! 

Glad you're enjoying it. :)

Thanks, Seft-paced is a great idea but when you have created a search, I do not see the possibility of activating it later. When I'm creating it, if I see the option but later, when I want to edit it does not appear. Is it possible to add it to the editing menu to make the quest already created more useful?


I've found it.
The option appears in the upper right corner of the progress window.

Thanks for this utility that is very interesting for class.

Hi Kico,

I'm happy to hear things are working out! If there's anything else we can help you with, please don't hesitate to ask! 

I am so excited about this feature!  My students love the quests and are always asking for more.  I feel bad when I get busy and don't have time to progress them.  This will make quests much more engaging for them.  Thank you!

On self-paced progress:

Thank you!!! This is the feature I've been waiting for ever since quests entered beta!  :)

Now I've got a LOT of legacy content conversion to do...

(Yes, I know I can import a category in one go, but it doesn't include any of the story elements, logical locations, etc, so it just makes sense to hook up two monitors, open up quests on one, content on the other, an go to town... I'm just worried about not getting it all converted before legacy content expires...)  :P

((Having a lot of fun with the process, though... although I feel like I am already running out of story-arcs....))


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