Will Classcraft take over my class?

I haven't used this yet.

It seems like it would take a lot of time and attention from me every day (every minute!) to keep track of everything in real time. Is this your experience? 

Has anyone found it too distracting from the actual classroom activities? If so, has anyone tried keeping track on paper or the whiteboard during class, and then entering it all in online later?

Do people really keep this projected during the entire class? Generally, I'm using the projector for instructions, etc.

It seems really cool. I'm just worried that it will take over my class.

Hi David,

Using Classcraft so far this year, I realistically use very little time during class on Classcraft. It takes a few weeks to find a strategy that works for you, and keep in mind that many actions can be made in just a few clicks. For example, while monitoring my students working on their Photoshop lessons on the computer, I take mental notes of who is generally working and who I need to remind to stay on task instead of on his/her phone. During most classes, I am walking around to help students. It doesn't take long to stop by my computer and give XP or take away HP if students are late. I may take just one moment to look at my entire class as a list, check the box next to the students (mostly) working hard, and give them 100xp for "Working Hard and Being Positive." All as one action. I may not catch everything, and some days we may be too busy, but most of the time I can take just a couple of minutes per 51 minute block to enter in the most important data.

Since Classcraft contributes towards a positive classroom environment and helps monitor behavior, it isn't really possible for Classcraft to be too distracting. It's not taking away from normal classroom activities; It's adding to them. For example, to review for a quiz, a Boss Battle might be a fun activity to allow the students feel as if they are playing a game, but they are really reviewing the material.

One of the classes I teach is Pottery, so it is impossible to project Classcraft during each class. To compensate, I am sure to verbally tell students when they have earned XP, when they have lost HP, or to remind them if they would like to take advantage of their Powers. They all should know how to log in, since I helped set them up in Classcraft 1 day in the beginning of the year, but after that it is their responsibility to take advantage of the Powers they've been given. In my Pottery class, we do have the projector out for one day, at the end of the week. This is the time to do a weekly Classcraft even, check in on any updates, or do a Boss Battle. It works out pretty seamlessly.

Most importantly, use it as much or as little as you are able to or how you see fit. All available features don't need to be used right away. Design habits or a schedule that fits your class and your teaching style. 

Hope that helps!


Thanks for sharing, Marissa!

I am not having the same seamless experience... at least not today.  7th grade Philosophy here...

I have a 1-to-1 school with laptops so my students have access to classcraft all the time (is this a problem?).  Today I had a team of students thinking about the game all hour long and it was like pulling teeth getting them to do anything on task.

  • My random event for the day was Brute Force: warriors standing all hour (or... I added they lose 3HP for each minute they sit.)
  • Every time I gave them consequences they collaborated to heal themselves.

Their AP won't last forever but it was disruptive for my Philosophy discussion today...  I definitely want suggestions how to encourage the game without entire class periods where I am locked in an "arms race" that I know I will win but how many class periods do I have to waste to show students they can't beat the Game Master?  Or just the fact that we are in Philosophy class??  The game is still new and exciting for the students but today was discouraging.  

I'm still committed but I'm frustrated.  It was only one team and honestly the other teams even started to get frustrated with me... help? :-|

I found that it takes a few class periods to front load all the information about the site.  I teach 6th grade and have 5 sections of Human Bio.  Once we spend time learning the ins and outs of the program, I use it as a jumping off point for all online assignments and labs.  the activities are in the class book and the reward of xp and gold is given upon completion of the goal.  I came back this year to find the Quest option and am excited about trying to use this.  The kids love it and the powers that I have customized for my class are well worth the effort to rank up and unlock.  I have also changed some of the random events to ensure that we all have a great time with them.  Good luck and remember you can use it as much or as little as you want but just pace it so they rank up over the course of the course.

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