Using Protect against taking damage

When a student takes damage and their teammates have the option to protect them, is it the teacher or the student themselves that click the action of using Protect?  Like say a student takes damage, will their teammates get a pop up that asks them if they want to use protect?  Or does the teacher have to ask the teammates if they want to use it and then select whatever they choose?

It shows up from the teacher's end. The UI isn't THAT interactive, though the pop-up on the student end would be cool. I just usually stop and ask the relevant students if they want to protect.

Remember: Classcraft is designed so that EVERYTHING (except pets and character outfits) can be done from the teacher's screen. The teacher can help students learn powers, use powers, etc.


We recently released Delayed Damage: if you choose to delay damage, students will be able to use Protect from their accounts (you can learn more about it here). 😀

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