[Solved] Can't equip pets from an archived class

Good time of day! Started a new class, having archived the last year's class successfully, but all the pets my lads had trained can not be equipped by their new characters. It seems like there are some clothing sets requirments. Could you please clarify how pets from archived classes do work now.

Much appreciated!

Hi Alexey,

Students should be able to equip old pets onto their new characters, even if they're now a different class. Could you tell me if the pet they're trying to equip had been fully trained last year?

Well, it looks like it was some sort of a glitch in the student's mobile app. They tried to equip them via the app. It looks like they have sucessfully equpped some of their fully trained pets at home, most likely. At least they are displayed on the class screen. I will confirm it with my students today during class. Which method they used and if everything is working as intended. 
Thank you!

Well, it seems that my students CAN equip pets from a different classed character. but they CAN NOT equip higher level pets that had been trained last year. They are all level 1 at the moment and if they try to equip higher tier pets they are simply reset to their level 1 counterpart. Is that intentional? Do they have to level up in order to display those high level pets?


Hi Alexey,

Students should also be able to equip higher level pets as long as they've been fully trained.

We would need the students' names in order to investigate further. You can give us that information through the tickets. :-)

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